Welcome to Doe Doe’s

Hello and welcome to Doe Doe’s A friend asked me to make a medical seat belt cover/pad and after posting to my Facebook page we realised there is a real demand for these. These are great for informing the first person on the scene of an accident that there needs to be more care taken or that this person may not be able to talk to for example to a police officer if being stopped for questioning. Not only for a child with any condition but also for adults. Allergies, non verbal or any health information that will help the first person on the scene. Measurements are approx. 21.5cm long, 6.5cm wide when folded and 5mm thick when flat. This may vary slightly because they are home made and not made on industrial machines. Embroidery space is not overly large so please if there are many conditions enter the most important life saving or most important relevant information. Also it doesn’t need to be just a medical belt cover it can be personalised with just a name or other wording.